Tiger or Tiggy as we call her was born 12th December 2002, a daughter of Champion Mayson Limited Edition and Glenheath Godetia, she is litter sister to Champion Glenheath Blueprint. She was born brindle in colour but as with most brindles has since turned mostly black. Tiggy has a very sweet temperament, such a little lady who loves to play with her toys. Although not a show girl Tiggy has excelled as a Mum. It has taken two and a half years to get her into whelp but has been well worth the wait as on May 10th 2007 she gave us 5 lovely babies. There were 3 boys and two girls in the litter, 2 blacks, 2 light brindles and a dark brindle, who at the time of writing are 5 weeks old and growing as fast as weeds. Tiggy has been a devoted Mum, so caring and gentle, she has just loved her babies to bits.

Tiger and her Puppies aged 9 days.